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Ask me about recycling! Really. I would love to help you with answers to your questions about recycling anything: packaging, food, clothing, books, cars . . . whatever you need to dispose of responsibly. I can also assist you in finding ways to reduce materials that go into the waste or recycling stream and how to reuse and re-purpose items.

What you will find on this site:

  • How to plan a reduced waste or zero waste event

  • Links to other web sites and to the Oregon Master Recycler Program

  • My contact information – you can ask me any question about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  • The services I offer, include:

  • Waste reduction and Energy Audits

  • Assistance in becoming Earthwise® certified

  • Zero Waste Coffee Service (only in the North Santiam Canyon area)

This earth is only home we have. It is our responsibility to keep it liveable. I am sure you have heard all of the statistics about how wasteful citizens of an industrialized country is. It can seem overwhelming to consider all the various issues at once.

Don't worry about it all at once. Find one thing you can change: maybe installing low flow toilets and shower heads – simple, inexpensive and the only thing it changes is your water usage. Or change the regular light bulbs in one room to compact fluorescents – live with it for a while, then tackle another room.

Start paying attention to packaging. Try buying products in containers that are refillable instead of disposable. Write a note to the company and tell them why you chose their product. Write a note to company that doesn't consider their packaging and tell them why you aren't buying their product.

Give gifts of experience, not of stuff. Instead of a CD, buy a concert ticket for that music lover. Or a movie pass instead of a DVD. Use a service like Netflix that gives you the experience of a movie without any stuff. Take the whole family to visit a museum.

One step at time, we can change the world. So, ask me about recycling!

All big things are made up of trifles. My entire life has been built on trifles.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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